Camanna AYW Blue Ice Bunny

Sire~ AGS Dragonfly MX As You Wish

Dam~ AGS Camanna RHB Blue Delilah


Camanna AYW Blue Ice Bunny AGS Dragonfly MX As You Wish AGS Flat Rocks Miracle Max  
AGS Fairlea Ariadne  
AGS Camanna RHB Blue Delilah AGS Twin Creeks RA Red Hot N Blue  
AGS Camanna AL Angel Heart  
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Camanna AYW Blue Ice Bunny

2/22/2012 Broken Buckskin

Blue Eyes

About Annie: Annie was born 02/22/12, she is one of my sweetest does I have, she is very powerful over the other does, though she likes to be the leader. Annie toes out a little, and has a flat bridge nose. She has a big chest and far apart pin bones. Her back is not as straight as I would of wanted it to be. But she is a great goat. She will possibly be up for sale this year.

 Camanna RM Ruby Cabernet

Sire~ Rosasharn SP Monet

Dam~ AGS Camanna PL Shiraz



Camanna RM Ruby Cabernet Rosasharn SP Monet Rosasharn SW Sapporo  
AGS Rosasharn Tom\'s Bit-A-Lilly  
AGS Camanna PL Shiraz AGS Camanna RHB Praise The Lord  
AGS Camanna DR Zinfindel Gold  
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 Camanna RM Ruby Cabernet

6/16/2012 Broken Buckskin

Blue Eyes

About Ruby: Ruby was born 06/16/12. She is the most colorful doe I have so far. And loves to talk. She was dissbudded, she has a nice udder and streight legs. I would like to see I little bit better back feet though she toes out a little. She has a very straight back though.

Dam: 3X Grand Sr. AGS 1X ANDDA Specialty Champion Sr.

1X Rs. Sr. National champion

SS: ARMCH Rosasharn SW Soporro "S 'E'

SD: ARMCH Rosasharn Tom's Bit-A-Lilly 4"D 'VG' 2"M

SSD: ARMCH Rosasharn's Unagi 4"D 'E' 

SDD: ARMCH Goodwood Water Lilly "D

 Oak Tree Meadows Mistletoe

Sire~ Camanna RBP Blue Flamin Fiasco

Dam~ Camanna WR Ocean's Mist




Oak Tree Meadows Mistletoe Camanna RBP Blue Flamin Fiasco Camanna TBR Red & Blue Paisano  
Camanna WR Malaysie  
Camanna WR Ocean\'s Mist AGS Sugar Pine FD Wave Runner  
AGS Sugar Pine LR Almond Mocha  
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Oak Tree Meadows Mistletoe

10/1/2012 White with Brown patches

Brown eyes

About Missy: Missy was born 10/01/12. She is my shy goat who is still geting use to us. She has a ok back. She doesnt toe out. She has a medium chest, and far apart pin bones. She has a small face. I like her markings a lot. She is so sweet when you are holding her, she loves to get out and eat our grape, and raseberry leaves. She has a great little body.

KW Farms SN Aloha

Sire~ TX Twincreeks Spark N The Nite

Dam~ AGS Deer Run Amulet


KW Farms SN Aloha TX Twincreeks Spark N The Nite AGS TX Twincreeks AB Adagio  
CH AGS Critter Creek Sparkles  
AGS Deer Run Amulet AGS Valley View Redstat\'s Zorro  
AGS Orchard View Amber  
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KW Farms SN Aloha

06/27/2011 Chamoisee; Scattered White Disbudded

About Aloha: Aloha is a sweet, loving beautiful doe. She has a perfect straight back, and straight legs. She also has a dished in nose. Her coloring in wonderful I think. She has a buckskin strip down her back that is so dark and vibrent you can't miss it! Aloha is hopefully bred to Camanna CT Blue Buckeroo. Pictures of him are on my reference page. Her Dam is AGS Deer Run Amulet and her sire is TX Twincreeks Spark N The Nite.

SD: MCH/CH Critter Creek Sparkles

SSD: MCH/GCH Twin Creeks WB Maddam Butterfly 2*D VG 1*M

DSD: MCH Freefall Shasta's Hannah E

 Yearling Does


Sire: Camanna CT Blue Buckeroo

Dam: KW Farms SN Aloha

 Miracle is a little buckskin with black socks, with brown eyes and a dark black line down her back. She has a straight back, and nice straight front and back legs from what I can tell right now. She has a small petite dipped head. She has a big chest and far apart pin bones. I think she will become a great breeding doe for my herd! She will be bred possibly next year.  

DSD: MCH/CH Critter Creek Sparkles

DSSD: MCH/GCH Twin Creeks WB Maddam Butterfly 2*D VG 1*M

DDSD: MCH Freefall Shasta's Hannah E

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